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Commercial Security Systems

eos is driven by providing our clients with a solution that gets results. Our industrial-grade equipment is custom-designed specific to each project. Our professional consultants will evaluate your needs and provide coverage options that fit your budget.

Industry Experience

eos has installed thousands of HD cameras within the commercial industry. Our nationwide coverage spans 35 states.


  • Proper camera placement will ensure any near-miss or accident is covered


  • Compare shift results with ease across multiple days


  • Share clear examples of proper or improper procedures with the team

Video Management Software

One of the most common complaints with video systems is how difficult the software is to use. We have researched over 60 different platforms to ensure our clients have an easy-to-use, cutting-edge system that will last long into the future.

HD Cameras

At eos, our camera line has been developed to provide clients with crystal-clear resolution and striking image contrast. Every component has been hand-selected for quality.

Audit Trail

Admin users have the ability to review all activity performed by staff. Hyperlinks to every reviewed or saved video clip are provided, saving admin users from time-consuming backup processes.


Our smart infrared sensor scales the illumination down to accomodate all subject matter. This prevents an image from overexposure.

Forensic Search

This feature lets users highlight a specific region and only review footage with that space. This saves hours of scrubbing long durations of video.

Rugged Design

We believe cameras should be built to withstand the elements. Our rugged enclosures are selected to handle any enviornment with ease.

Why eos?

Professional Installation

At eos, we take great pride in clean and efficient installations. Close attention to detail is essential.


Custom Solution

Our multi-industry experience allows us to tailor a solution unique to your facility.


Our team is standing by to assist with remote support and on-site support.

Remote Support

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Business surveillance experts

Business surveillance experts

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