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Commercial Surveillance Systems in Fort Lauderdale

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Implementing video security is one of the best decisions Florida business owners can make regarding their commercial properties. In addition to the looming threat of internal and external theft and vandalism, a commercial surveillance system in Fort Lauderdale can also improve day-to-day business operations by providing insight the company owner and managers may otherwise not have when absent from the location or occupied with other management tasks.

There are a few different options currently available in the security surveillance market:

  • CCTV and commercial surveillance: The most traditional type of video security solution is known as CCTV, or closed-circuit television. One of the reasons these systems are the most popular is because they can be customized to suit a variety of different settings and commercial needs. The two types of CCTV are analog and IP.
  • Analog surveillance systems: A solution in which a camera is connected to a DVR that records the video footage, analog security systems predate IP surveillance. Because analog systems have been around for a while and do not offer all the latest features one can get through IP solutions, analog surveillance is more affordable. Although the picture quality produced by analog systems is not as sharp, these affordable solutions still perform and provided a significant degree of surveillance coverage.
  • IP commercial surveillance: IP systems are comprised of digital cameras that operate wirelessly and connect to the Internet without interfering with the business’ WiFi connection. These cameras work well in large spaces and capture fine details like license plate numbers. Because these systems are digital, they often have mobile phone connectivity. Therefore, businesses have the convenience of controlling the security solution or viewing footage from their phone.

IP systems were once very expensive and were, therefore, unaffordable for many small business owners. Nowadays, some IP systems are affordably priced and still offer a variety of advanced features to help secure Fort Lauderdale businesses.

Reasons for installing surveillance video

The decision on which type of commercial security system a business should purchase ultimately depends on the business’ goals and objectives. Most reasons for installing video surveillance fall under one of two categories: crime prevention and business monitoring.

Theft prevention and reduction: Florida businesses lose an estimated $50,000 each year due to theft. Commercial properties located in high-crime areas are especially vulnerable to theft and other property crimes. Non-retail businesses may also be targeted for theft by employees who misappropriate money, property and information. A Fort Lauderdale commercial security system that is focused on areas such as safes, vaults and computers that house sensitive data – where theft is likely to take place – may effectively deter it, or provide visual evidence if information or valuable items are stolen.

Real-time monitoring: Some businesses hire security personnel to watch the premises when no one else is onsite. If an overnight security guard is out of the budget, a reliable surveillance system can provide real-time monitoring around the clock. Digital solutions allow business owners to check in on the premises conveniently from their phone. Some IP systems even send a mobile notification upon detecting motion.

Criminal investigations

Video surveillance can help businesses owners detect crime within their own establishment. However, another advantage to installing cameras to monitor the exterior of commercial buildings is the role security cameras play in solving unrelated crimes. If a criminal act occurs nearby or if law enforcement is looking for leads on a criminal case in which no witnesses have come forward, nearby surveillance cameras may fill in the blanks with critical info. Moreover, surveillance cameras footage is admissible in court. Therefore, installing security cameras may also help keep the surrounding community safer.

Employee productivity

A practical internal use for commercial surveillance is assessing and improving workplace productivity. Stores, restaurants and factories especially depend on employee efficiency and satisfactory customer service to remain in business. The business owner cannot be present during every conversation, transaction and moment of an employee’s performance. However, a Fort Lauderdale business owner who installs a surveillance system can review footage of daily operations at his or her convenience, evaluate, and reinforce customer service and business strategies to improve and maintain employee performance.

Investigate HR disputes

Human resource disputes like bullying and sexual harassment can affect workplace morale, make employees feel unsafe, and even result in lawsuits. If a serious incident occurs at work, video surveillance can help the employer, law enforcement, attorneys and the court gather the information they need to investigate and resolve the case. Moreover, employees and customers who are aware they are being recorded may be deterred from engaging in criminal or otherwise disruptive behavior in the first place.

Observe customer behavior

Florida retail business owners are always looking for ways to improve their customers’ experience. Surveillance footage can allow retail owners and managers to take a step back and examine how their customers interact with their products and employees without intruding on the sales process or otherwise making customers feel uncomfortable and employees feel as if they are being micromanaged. Moreover, video surveillance allows Fort Lauderdale business owners to observe customers’ behavioral patterns over time and determine whether implementing changes has had an impact on the customer’s experience and purchasing patterns.

Installing a commercial security system makes sense

Implementing video surveillance is a wise decision in virtually every commercial setting. From warehouses to factories, showrooms, and retail stores, video surveillance can save money in situations that do not necessarily warrant hiring security staff. Fort Lauderdale owners may reduce liability by having a system in place to record all accidents and alterations that may occur on the premises.

Video footage has been used to solve crimes that occur onsite in addition to unrelated crimes that have taken place in the vicinity of the commercial business. Modern-day technology makes digital systems that are easy to use and update accessible to Florida businesses of all sizes. Each company owner must simply consider which business security system fits his or her Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach business. At eos, we design a solution to accomplish these goals.

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