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Enterprise Surveillance Systems in Fort Lauderdale

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Large organizations in Florida require extensive solutions to help them maintain safety and security. While there is overlap among the reasons different organizations require security, there are also vast differences between some of the threats enterprises face from sector to sector. From preventing theft, terrorism and vandalism, or monitoring workflow and adherence to company policy, all businesses should consider installing an enterprise surveillance solution in Fort Lauderdale to better protect their assets.

Installing surveillance cameras to deter crime

One of the most common reasons an enterprise installs a surveillance system is to address current concerns related to crime, or to reduce the risk of future crimes. Virtually every business that maintains a physical location may be impacted by vandalism and break-ins. Stores often have large windows that may be broken, creating costly damage and safety hazards. For outdoor businesses like golf courses, the landscape is one of the business’ most valuable assets; trespassers or angry guests may damage the property by driving on the golf course or otherwise disturbing the land and vegetation. Even sturdier structures like warehouses and factories are vulnerable to the theft of raw materials and expensive cleanup in the event that the building is vandalized with spray paint or if windows are broken. Installing a camera surveillance system that monitors the outside of a business can provide visual evidence in the event that a crime takes place. Combining an enterprise security system with posted signage may deter crime altogether.

Reducing the threat of terrorism in Florida

For certain types of businesses in Fort Lauderdale, the potential for terrorists to gain access to potentially hazardous materials is a legitimate concern. Businesses that are in the manufacturing and energy industries frequently handle volatile materials and toxic chemicals. Therefore, these businesses must take extra care to store and transport these materials securely. A comprehensive surveillance system is capable of monitoring the potentially hazardous materials from the time their are manufactured or transported to the site until the time the materials are disposed of or transported to another location. It is critical that these businesses always know where dangerous materials are located as well as who has access to the materials. Video surveillance allows managers to identify potentially vulnerable areas in the company’s security policies.

Monitoring workflow and company protocols

Virtually every business requires some version of quality assurance. Retail stores may utilize camera surveillance to capture footage that can be used to train new employees. Managers may regularly review footage to observe compliance with company policies. In the event that a customer dispute arises, business owners and managers may review surveillance footage to determine if employees delivered unsatisfactory service. Retail businesses may also monitor and verify vendor deliveries. In the event that the retail business must dispute the arrival of a delivery, the company may provide video surveillance as evidence to the vendor that the delivery never arrived. Factories may use cameras to monitor systems and verify that the factory remains in compliance with safety regulations. In addition to maintaining an environment that complies with local, state, and federal law, industrial settings present a greater potential for safety risks. Employees who work in warehouses and factories often handle chemicals, operate heavy machinery, and navigate large boxes and other obstacles throughout the workplace. Ensuring workers comply with internal procedures can help keep the workplace safer and provide evidence in the event that an employee is injured and files a claim for compensation.

Important things to consider before buying a business security system

There are several factors Fort Lauderdale businesses should consider when deciding on the best security system to meet their needs. Small businesses may have more of a limited budget while more established enterprises are more likely to need and be able to afford a more comprehensive system. Most surveillance systems include digital cameras, although systems that utilize traditional analog cameras are still available and are usually a lower priced option. Digital cameras have a multitude of capabilities analog cameras typically do not have. For environments that require recording from long distances or capturing fine details, business owners and managers should choose cameras that have a higher resolution and are capable of zooming in and out to capture details such as license plate numbers and facial features. Cameras that include a night vision feature are very useful in settings that have dim lighting. Outdoor settings like parking lots and golf courses require weatherproof cameras. Storage capacity is another important concern when choosing a surveillance system. Analog systems usually store recorded footage onto DVDs, which contributes to cost if the enterprises records 24/7. Digital systems offer the option of storing recorded footage to a cloud service. If the system includes a motion sensor, the owner may opt to set the security system up to record only when the cameras are activated by movement. While many Florida businesses may opt to install a wireless digital system, some settings such as warehouses and factories are not suitable environments for wireless systems as wireless signals do not easily pass through thick cement walls. In these settings, a wired system is often a better option, though the process of running cable may be cumbersome and present challenges when determining where to locate the recording device.

Which solution is right for your Fort Lauderdale business?

An enterprise surveillance specialist can help businesses make the best decisions in selecting video monitoring equipment appropriate for the size of their enterprise as well as the physical setting in which their business is located. Video surveillance is a powerful security, safety and quality-assurance tool that is more widely available than in years past. Modern systems can be customized to suit nearly every type of setting. The benefits of installing video surveillance greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, every Florida business should consider how an enterprise surveillance solution in Fort Lauderdale may fit into a larger security policy.

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