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With expansive, sloping stretches of property, golf courses can be challenging to secure, perhaps moreso than many other types of businesses in Florida. One of the largest obstacles to securing a Florida golf course is the sheer scale and diversity of terrain. Courses often consist of large, open areas, tall trees, ponds, lakes and multiple dips and turns across the entire property. This makes the installation of a Fort Lauderdale golf course surveillance system essential for any golf club owner.

Golf courses are also often directly adjacent to houses, shopping centers, large wooded areas, and other structures that may add to the security challenge. In addition to protecting the course, owners must also consider safety and security measures for the clubhouse, pro shop, golf cars, staff and parking area. Public courses are often required to maintain public walkways that grant ease of access. Securing these areas may also pose problems for those who are charged with managing the course.

  • Vulnerability to theft

    Teens may steal golf balls or attempt to gain unauthorized access to carts for joyrides. Shoplifters may target the pro shop. Golf club members tend to have higher incomes; therefore, a person who is looking to steal a luxury car could target the parking lot. Another type of theft that is unique to golf clubs is unauthorized people playing on the course. If a club does not have a proper monitoring system in place, non-members and unauthorized guests may enter the grounds and play rounds of golf without paying the required fees. Golf clubs present a multitude of opportunities to guests and employees who may have ill intentions to commit theft.

  • Susceptibility to vandalism

    Some people might be surprised to learn that, like brick and mortar storefront businesses, golf courses also battle vandalism. One of a golf club’s largest expenses is maintenance and upkeep of the greens. Watering and mowing the lawn and maintaining the surrounding soil and vegetation only to have the grass destroyed can cause a major loss to a club. Examples of golf course vandalism include driving a car or truck onto the course, spray painting the grass and trees, and wearing unauthorized shoes, such as cleats, that may destroy the grass. Unauthorized visitors are not the only people who can cause damage on a golf course. Angry golfers sometimes lose their tempers and cause destruction to golf club property, too.

  • Discouraging trespassers

    Golf courses are deserted after dark. This may attract trespassers. Children and teens may go to the local golf course in search of mischief. The vacant expanse of trees and land may provide the perfect cover for some to become involved in fights and other crimes. People who have committed a crime in the area may come to the golf course to hide evidence. Any number of things can take place relatively discretely unless the golf course has adequate overnight security in place.

Types of cameras on the links

Many courses hire security personnel. However, the size and diversity of the terrain and multiple other components that make up a golf club make it virtually impossible to secure a golf business with staff alone. Most clubs need a surveillance system. When choosing cameras for a golf course, it is important to choose equipment that is well-suited for the changing environment, and that will capture all the footage the business needs to remain secure and to provide useful footage in the event an incident or crime takes place.

Because golf courses are outdoor environments, weatherproof surveillance is necessary on the course. Indoor cameras may be used in the clubhouse and pro shop. To capture large open spaces, wireless cameras should be installed high up on the clubhouse building, on fences, on light poles, and in trees. Motion-activated cameras are able to provide footage if someone trespasses onto the property. Motion activation saves storage space my signaling the camera to retroactively save footage recorded a few minutes before the motion begins to isolate the incident. Posting signage alerting the public that the course is under surveillance and frequently changing the location of the cameras may add to the deterrent effect of video surveillance.

The many benefits

Cameras benefit Fort Lauderdale golf clubs by preventing internal losses. Golf pro shops are retail settings. Positioning a camera to monitor the cash register may prevent employee theft and “sweethearting.” Monitoring the cash register can also help managers observe customer interactions and implement quality assurance measures. Having cameras in the pro shop and around the property discourages visitors and club members from engaging in disruptive behavior and could provide a recorded record in the event that someone is hurt.

Parking lot surveillance

In addition to discouraging vehicle theft and providing footage in the event that a car is stolen, monitoring the parking lot can also be beneficial if a car accident occurs. Surveillance camera footage is permitted as admissible evidence in court. Exterior surveillance also helps keep the community safer by potentially recording footage of crimes that may take place in close proximity to the golf club in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale.

Security: A great first step

Camera surveillance should be a component of larger, more comprehensive security strategy. Staff members are unable to be everywhere at all times. This is especially true after hours, when golf courses are most vulnerable to trespassing and vandalism. By incorporating a combination of employee training on security and safety along with installing surveillance equipment, golf courses can effectively meet their security needs. An expansive layout, complex lighting and obstructions to visibility can make installing surveillance equipment more complicated on a golf course. Nevertheless, video surveillance is a necessity for monitoring areas that may not otherwise be visible at all times.

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