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Industrial Surveillance Systems in Fort Lauderdale

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When people think of surveillance systems, most imagine home security solutions and the video cameras that record activity in retail shops. However, video surveillance offers a multitude of benefits to business across multiple sectors in Florida. Industrial settings like oil and gas facilities and manufacturing plants have an especially vetted interest in maintaining tight security onsite. In addition to curbing theft, vandalism and break-ins in Fort Lauderdale, industrial surveillance systems can help operations monitor processes, train employees, do performance checks and ensure compliance with internal standards and safety regulations.

Deterring and preventing crime

Like other businesses, industrial sites require protection from break-ins, trespassing, vandalism and theft. In fact, these sites often house dangerous materials and equipment; therefore, it is even more important that these sites remain safe and secure. By installing security cameras that monitor building exits and entrances, security gates and parking areas, Florida business are able to keep a better record of who enters the property with or without authorization and a record of the person’s movements while on the premises. Therefore, if valuable equipment or sensitive information is compromised, the business can review security camera footage to retrace what happened prior to the incident.

Monitoring processes

In environments like refineries and assembly plants, good processes are the keys to keeping the workplace safe. A thorough video surveillance system makes it possible to observe the production process. HD Video footage can be used in analyzing machine performance, determining production flaws, and the flow of work. The value in being able to pinpoint what works and what application requires improvement has saved our clients immeasurable funds. Modern Fort Lauderdale industrial security solutions can detect events like low-heat fires during the overnight hours.

Monitoring employees

In addition to monitoring equipment and processes, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach companies may also use video surveillance to monitor and evaluate employees. Saved video footage may be used to train new employees. Employers may use surveillance to examine employees’ day-to-day activities for the purpose of performance reviews, help employees properly follow procedure and determine whether it is necessary to change or implement new proceedings.

Video cameras and safety compliance

Every industrial enterprise in Fort Lauderdale must comply with certain safety standards or risk legal ramifications in addition to putting workers at risk. Apart from injuring employees, workplace accidents have a financial and emotional impact on workers’ families and may be costly to businesses if the accident results in a lawsuit. Video surveillance can help businesses identify workplace hazards in real-time and correct the situation before someone gets hurt. Video footage may also be helpful if the business is accused of not properly following safety regulations. Video footage is admissible in court and may be presented as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit.

Types of surveillance solutions for industrial environments

Industrial environments tend to be harsh settings in Florida. Therefore, these settings require special security cameras that can withstand the conditions. Security cameras that are designed to very specific standards and are, therefore, capable of capturing repetitive functions are referred to as “machine vision” cameras. These cameras are used from monitoring manufacturing processes to quality control and safety standards. Machine vision cameras serve a different purpose than an IP camera that is better suited for site security and employee monitoring.

Area scan cameras vs. line scan cameras

Line scan cameras are suitable for monitoring high-speed production processes like printing. In contrast, area scan cameras are better suited for more detailed analysis. Area scan cameras are used in quality assurance systems and may even be integrated into robotics, microscopes and dental equipment.

Thermal surveillance cameras

Fort Lauderdale warehouses, factories, and other industrial properties are usually located in somewhat remote areas that are prone to very dark conditions at night and may be surrounded by trees or other structures. Thermal cameras are often preferred in these settings as they do not require adequate lighting to produce clear images. These cameras detect the heat objects and people give off. Therefore, if an unauthorized person gains access to an industrial site, he or she may be detected by a thermal security camera despite any efforts to move undetected in the darkness. Thermal cameras are also able to record 24 hours a day, which would typically require a high-capacity storage device for saving recorded footage. Some thermal cameras also can be programmed to begin recording upon detecting a pain or object on the premises. This option is typically preferable if storage capacity for saved footage is a concern.

What should you seek in a solution?

Whether choosing a system for basic security and workflow monitoring purposes or implementing as solution for monitoring and assessing very specific processes, there are some specifications every industrial business owner or site manager in Florida should consider. Cameras that have higher a resolution will produce a clearer, sharper image. These cameras often require a recording device that has a larger storage capacity. However, this requirement may be remedied by choosing a high-resolution camera that only records when system senses motion.

Some surveillance cameras record in black and white if light levels are too low, while others deliver footage only in color. Frame speed is also important, depending on the type of movements the security system will be required to record. Overall, industrial businesses must first consider the needs the business owner or manager would like to meet by installing a surveillance solution, as doing so will narrow down the selection of systems to those that offer features that are best suited for the business’ unique requirements.

It is also to remember that modern-day surveillance solutions are highly customizable; therefore, a Florida business that is on a strict budget may install an industrial surveillance system in Fort Lauderdale that does not necessarily have the most expensive, cutting-edge features and still get solid solutions by manually adding customizations at a future date.

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