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Marina Surveillance Systems in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale’s marinas attract people from far and wide for various reasons. Those who own boats require storage for their vessels when not in use. Everyday, scores of people visit marinas to watch the boats, patronize nearby shops and restaurants or to simply enjoy a special moment with family and friends in a scenic spot. The large amounts of traffic in and around Florida’s marinas necessitate the implementation a comprehensive, non-intrusive security system.

Benefits of installing marina security cameras

There are multiple ways in which boat owners and those who operate marinas in Pompano Beach and Fort lauderdale may benefit from installing a professional surveillance system:

Video surveillance may effectively prevent crime. Certain types of surveillance systems can easily be expanded as security needs grow.
People who are at marinas late at night generally feel safer knowing the area is being recorded by cameras.
In the event of an accident, having reliable surveillance footage may reduce the marina’s liability.
Gift shops and other onsite retail outlets may reduce internal losses by installing a surveillance system that monitors transactions.

Crime prevention

Aside from stealing an unattended boat, criminals may commit other costly crimes at a marina. There is an increasing trend of burglars breaking into boats and stealing expensive electronic boating equipment. In addition to burglarizing boats and stealing valuables, intoxicated trespassers may vandalize the exterior of the boat, causing expensive repairs and potentially raising liability issues, if the boat owner believes the marina failed to exercise reasonable security measures.

A security camera system, combined with signage visibly informing the public that their movements are being monitored, can discourage theft and vandalism. If a crime occurs, the footage may be used to find and convict those responsible. Recordings could also be beneficial if a boat owner is required to file an insurance claim, or if marina operators or owners are sued for liability issues or negligence claims stemming from an accident.

Installing a system for safety

In addition to discouraging crime against property, video surveillance may also curb crime against people. Boat owners sometimes visit their craft at night when the marina is more deserted. Knowing that the area is being monitored is more likely to discourage criminal attacks in addition to putting boat owners and staff members at ease if they are required to be present at the marina after dark. A marina surveillance system may also provide valuable evidence in criminal activity that occurs nearby.

Security cameras could reduce liability

Businesses that maintain a physical location may be the subject of personal injury lawsuits. If a person who is permitted to be present on the property becomes injured, he or she may file a legal claim arguing the accident occurred due to the marina’s negligence. Having a complete security system that monitors the premises and captures footage of all public areas may be advantageous to marinas that are named as defendants in civil lawsuits.

Because camera footage is admissible in court, if the marina is able to produce video evidence that the plaintiff contributed to his or her injury, or if the marina did not behave negligently, the marina may prevail in the legal action. Alternatively, the plaintiff’s amount of compensation could be significantly reduced by the percentage of fault he or she contributed to the accident, as proven by video.

Surveillance in marina gift shops

Marina gift shops face the same vulnerabilities as many other retailers. Employees could steal cash from the register. The store could be targeted by shoplifters. Customers could file disputes against the shop. Friends and family members of employees could receive unauthorized discounts. By monitoring the cash register and customer areas, marina owners and operators can monitor all transactions, detect and deter shoplifting,and observe employee workflow, using the footage for analysis, new hire training or customer service improvement.

Factors to consider when choosing a surveillance solution

Fort Lauderdale marina operators may feel overwhelmed when faced with all the options high-definition security camera systems have to offer. Nevertheless, the selection becomes much easier to navigate once the business has identified its unique objectives, environmental elements that may affect recording quality, current infrastructure and desired price point.

  • Boat security cameras should have a rugged build and be capable of withstanding continual exposure to water without compromising the camera’s life cycle length. If a reliableInternet connection is available, an IP camera system becomesa logical option.
  • A solution that utilizes a cellular system could be an alternative if internet is not available. All outdoor areas should be monitored by cameras that are equipped with night vision. Cameras that produce images with 1080 or 1440 pixels perform better in low-light settings than those that are limited to 720pixels.
  • The night vision feature should be capable of recording details like facial features and license plate numbers from a minimum distance of 30 meters. Cameras that are equipped with motion sensor technology can detect human movement during the overnight hours and save storage space by only recording when movement is detected.

Modern security systems offer remote access via phone or computer. This feature is highly recommended as marina owners and operators cannot be present at every moment; however, they must be able to account for their customers’ expensive water vessels around the clock.

A Fort Lauderdale marina surveillance specialist from eos can help marina operators determine which system will work best for their property. While video surveillance is only one part of a greater approach to marina security, it’s a biggie. It’s a critical security component that has the potential to bolster the safety, security and peace of mind of customers, visitors, owners and operators alike.

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