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Security is a concern for every type of Florida business that maintains a physical location. In addition to being tasked with making money, loss prevention ranks high among brick-and-mortar businesses’ most important priorities. Vandalism, internal theft, burglary and shoplifting can all be discouraged or even prevented with the installation of a professional surveillance system in Fort lauderdale.

In cases where a crime takes place, professional surveillance cameras may provide the evidence the business needs to determine who committed the crime and to seek legal remedy based on that evidence. In addition to addressing criminal concerns, installing a professional security system can also help Fort Lauderdale businesses keep their staff members safe and ensure the company is following all required safety procedures.

Security systems for retail

If you own a store, you’ll need a special retail security solution. This typically consists of security cameras that are aimed at the cash register, store entrances and exists, and the parking area. Focusing on these key positions in and around the store allows management and the business owner to monitor cash transactions, customer behavior, employee procedure, and activity that may on the store’s exterior. Traditionally, stores would install closed circuit television cameras that would capture video footage and record the data to VHS tapes. One of the major pain points of relying on CCTV footage was low image quality and the cumbersome process of rewinding and fast-forwarding through hours of footage to review what took place at a specific time. Modern surveillance system may utilize a variety of different cameras, including the post popular models of bullet and dome cameras. Motion detection makes it possible to save storage space by setting the system up to only record footage from a set amount of minutes before the system senses motion on the premises. VHS tapes have now largely been replaced with digital video recorders (DVR) recorders and cloud storage.

Solutions for industrial businesses in Florida

Factories and warehouses in Fort Lauderdale have a very unique set of security challenges and require an all-encompassing industrial solution. These types of properties are vulnerable to trespassing and vandalism like other brick-and-mortar buildings. However, several factors can make installing surveillance in and around a warehouse somewhat tricky. Moreover, warehouses often house materials that call for heightened security compared to other business properties. Warehouses are typically used to store raw materials. Therefore, a security system installed in a warehouse setting would require that cameras be positioned to provide a view that is unobstructed by tall stacks of boxes, large machinery, and other potential obstacles that may be present in a warehouse setting. Because the walls are usually made of concrete, a wireless system may not be the best option for securing the entire site as wireless signals have difficulty passing through thick cement walls. Some industrial sites house potentially hazardous materials such as gasoline and large quantities of toxic chemicals. These sites must also take extra steps to prevent potential terrorists from gaining access to toxic and volatile materials. Therefore, camera surveillance is typically combined with manned access gates and an employee and visitor key card system. Factory owners and managers may wish to use video surveillance to monitor systems and processes and to ensure all activities are performed in compliance with the applicable safety regulations.

Surveillance on golf courses

Golf courses are typically very large indoor/outdoor properties with very diverse terrain. Neighboring houses, streets, highways, and wooded lots may border the course. These factors make golf properties more challenging for professional surveillance companies. Nevertheless, golf courses experience have their share of security risks that may include criminal situations that affect the well-manicured land, members’ expensive property, or indoor areas such as the pro shop and clubhouse. Therefore, golf course surveillance systems typically include a variety of security cameras that are suited for the many critical areas in and around the property. Outdoor, weatherproof cameras are required for observing the course, which may be vulnerable to trespassing. Monitoring the greens can also allow the business to have documentation in the event that a dispute occurs among golfers or if an unauthorized person plays on the course without paying the required fee. Positioning a camera in the pro shop to record transactions and customer interactions can help the business avoid internal theft and document the details surrounding customer complaints. Installing a camera to monitor the parking lot and equipment areas can prevent car break-ins, golf cart theft, and vandalism.

Choosing the right security system and cameras

There are several factors a business must consider when purchasing a surveillance system. Budget is a primary consideration for when choosing a system. Analog systems are more traditional and require extensive wiring. Wireless IP systems are more modern and do not require a technician to run cable. When choosing a system that utilizes digital IP camera, models that have a higher resolution will always produce sharper, clearer images that hold up well should the need arise to enlarge a frame to observe small details. Storage is another critical component of a Fort Lauderdale business security solution. Analog systems connect to a DVR device via cables while digital systems store recorded footage to cloud storage or a network video recorder (NVR). Nowadays, most businesses have an existing LAN or wireless setup in place; therefore, NVR and cloud storage systems are more common. However, businesses that move into a building that already has coaxial cable wired may choose the lower cost option of simply installing an analog system.

All Florida business owners should consider adding camera security to their existing security, safety and quality assurance strategies. Each business must individually evaluate its needs in determining which system may be a satisfactory fit. By working with a local professional surveillance specialist, businesses can effectively obtain the best equipment that will fit the company’s budget while meeting the important objectives. Businesses lose billions of dollars annually due to criminal activity, internal loss, safety accidents, customer disputes, and penalties assessed after the business fails to comply with state and federal regulations. Weighed against the potential losses, an investment in a professional surveillance solution in Fort Lauderdale offers far more benefits than drawbacks.

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