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Warehouses are essential to the chain of commerce in Florida. Nevertheless, the way these structures are built – in addition to the contents stored within – make it slightly more challenging for business owners and managers to secure their entire operation with a warehouse surveillance system in Fort Lauderdale.

Because warehouses store pricey equipment, valuable raw materials and products that will eventually be purchased and sold, the potential for theft is very high. Not only must managers implement measures to prevent theft from intruders, but security measures must also address internal loss prevention requirements. For these reasons, warehouses in Fort Lauderdale generally need a surveillance system that is specifically suited for industrial settings.

In addition to addressing loss prevention needs, a Fort Lauderdale warehouse security solution may also be of great benefit if a worker becomes injured and both parties require evidence of the sequence of events that led to the injury. With the constant movement of shipments coming in and out, and workers moving from one place to another, getting a clear view of the happenings within a warehouse space requires a security setup that is specifically designed to overcome these obstacles.

Overcoming warehouse surveillance challenges

Most warehouses have high ceilings, which calls for the use of a lift when running cables. The sturdy cement walls that encompass most warehouses are not conducive to using radio, wireless or cellular signals. Most buildings with thick walls will require a hard-wired system. Installing a hard-wired system is usually a more involved process. Nevertheless, even traditional CCTV systems offer options to those who are looking for a surveillance system that operates through a hard-wired platform.

Consider warehouse layout

When choosing a surveillance system for a warehouse setting, it is important to consider the floor plan. A building that only consists of a few rooms and does not have obstructed views will require a different setup than a structure that has multiple rooms, large equipment, and high stacks of products and materials that are continuously being moved across the floor. When working with a business security company in Florida, it is advisable to share a floorplan of the. Doing so will help the company choose products that meet the business’ exact needs. The floorplan should account for square footage in addition to shelving and anything else that could obstruct a camera’s view. It is also important to note where the business desires to mount the recording unit as CCTV units have distance limitations. IP security camera solutions require a dedicated network when implemented on a larger scale. Multiple switch locations with fiber backbones are usually necessary when working in an establishment that exceeds 100,000 sqf.

Types of warehouse security cameras

Most warehouses prefer to install bullet cameras while others use dome or PTZ cameras. Bullet cameras are generally more rugged in design which greatly reduces the possibility of exposing the camera’s internal components to moisture. Unlike domes, bullet cameras do not require removal of a protective glass dome for installation.

Once purchased, the owner is typically not required to change the lens to allow the camera to record in the dark, withstand extreme temperatures or function in indoor/outdoor settings. For these reasons, Fort Lauderdale business owners with warehouses often find that bullet cameras are the most user-friendly, cost-efficient surveillance camera option.

High Definition Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras are capable of a variety of recording movements that can be achieved either manually by using a joystick or cell phone. For surveillance systems that are monitored by a staff, PTZ functionality allows security personnel to react quickly when they detect suspicious events on the security monitors. 1080p resolution with a 20x optical zoom greatly improves detailed imagery for specific information.

Florida businesses that wish to implement PTZ surveillance cameras have a variety of features they must consider, depending on their needs and budget. While some security cameras can pan 360 degrees, others have a more limited range of motion. Cameras can tilt up and down; however, the maximum tilt range is usually limited to 180 degrees on security cameras that offer the greatest tilting capability. Zooming adjusts the camera’s lens and allows for consistent, optimal image quality. Digital zoom simply magnifies the image and may result in a pixelated image; therefore, digital zoom is not recommended.

A camera’s zoom capability is expressed by a number accompanied by a letter ‘x.’ Models that have a higher number have greater zoom capability. PTZ cameras are best for monitoring large open areas; therefore, a warehouse may not necessarily be the best application. However, they can be used to monitor large parking lots and in combination with fixed cameras to provide more comprehensive security coverage. These cameras can be used in a variety of different environments, including indoor, outdoor and areas with temperature extremes. A PTZ camera should be considered if the end user requires a very specific view from a significant distance.

Beefing up business security efforts in Florida

For warehouse-based businesses in Florida that struggle to find a surveillance system that meets all their needs within their budget by using security cameras alone, there are other security measures that work well in combination with camera surveillance. Implementing keycard access to restricted areas can help employers monitor sensitive areas and restrict access. A keycard system can also help employers maintain an accurate headcount of employees and determine exactly who is entering access-controlled areas.

Installing access gates and security checkpoints at all entrances to the property can help Fort Lauderdale businesses keep a log of delivery workers, employees and visitors who enter and exit the property and record the exact timing of their presence. These measures may be useful if theft occurs, or if vandalism or arson are suspected. Visitor records, key card data and camera footage may be introduced as evidence in court.

Finding the right solution in Fort Lauderdale

A warehouse business’ approach to implementing a reliable surveillance system depends on the unique structure and setup of the property and its contents. Florida Business owners and managers must carefully measure the dimensions within their space, consider the activities that take place each day, and choose a setup and equipment that is adaptable to the unique specifications of the warehouse.

In the end, a tight security setup will depend on a combination of camera surveillance, internal monitor and tracking measures, as well as employees, managers, and security personnel who remain well-informed and alert. Call today to find out how a Fort Lauderdale warehouse security solution from eos can help protect your business.

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