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Local business owners understand that loss prevention is a real concern that must be addressed. Technological advancements in recent years have made it easier than ever to protect merchandise, valuables and company property. eos now provides business surveillance solutions in Ann Arbor, Flint and companies throughout Michigan.

Advantages of digital surveillance

Businesses stand to reap a multitude of benefits by installing right security solution. From asset protection to employee training, surveillance systems can increase profit in many ways. The right business security solution will assist business owners in:

  • Preventing the theft of merchandise
  • Deterring vandals
  • Increasing productivity among their workers
  • Quality control
  • Crime prevention
  • Documenting activity that can be referenced for various other purposes

Each Ann Arbor or Flint business has unique security requirements, and not all surveillance systems are created equally. Understanding how security camera systems operate and identifying the right system for you is eos’ specialty. Our security team will perform a thorough evaluation of all aspects of your business and custom-tailor a solution to fit your specific needs – and budget.

A brief history of video security

Taking things back to the 1970s, security systems were a bit simpler than they are now. Simplicity does not always translate to ease of use, however. Most cameras required two cables, one for power and one for transmission. Recording units served as system centers and video took more effort to access. Getting a live feed was also difficult and VCR technology was only just becoming mainstream. Images were grainy, distorted and almost always in black and white. Being able to record and play back the activities taking place in a designated required a sophisticated surveillance system. That said, in many cases, it was impossible to identify an individual accurately without audio and other factors. In short, video surveillance technology was, in many cases, ineffective and could not fully be relied upon.

By the mid-1990s, video surveillance systems had undergone many significant improvements. Great technological leaps and bounds had been made, changing the way the world –and video surveillance systems – could connect. With the introduction of the digital IP system, surveillance technology was reimagined. VHS cassette tapes were becoming obsolete and new DVR technology became the surveillance norm. High-definition cameras with better resolutions, higher DPI compression rates, and more megapixels meant that networks would have to be adjusted accordingly. An increase of digital data necessitated faster processing rates. Information simply needed to be shared more efficiently. By the early 2000s, Internet connectivity POE switches were introduced to accommodate data increases and give users access to live video feeds 24 hours a day.

Today’s world: surveilled more accurately than ever before

Improvements to surveillance technology over the last decade have been monumental. Faster processing speeds, unimaginably clear camera resolutions, larger fields of view, motion detectors, and the introduction of improved IP server connections have made surveillance technology more accurate and capable than it has ever been before. In addition to this, advanced digital camera systems are now available to Michigan residents for home and business use.

IP technology: digital surveillance and sharing solutions

With analog wiring becoming a thing of the past, IP technology has made it possible for digital surveillance systems to grow, change and advance rapidly. Most business surveillance systems in Ann Arbor utilize IP connectivity to its full extent, meaning that users can watch a live feed of any surveilled area from anywhere that a user has access to a data connection. They have access to real-time motion and security features. Systems connected to an IP server also can be configured to send their users motion detection alerts, utilize two-way voice communication and automatically distinguish between harmless and suspicious activity. Category 5 (CAT5e) or Category 6 (CAT6) classifications reference the way in which an IP system will connect to a recording unit within a camera.

DVR and NVR systems: Understanding your options

When deciding whether a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) system would be best, many factors must be taken into consideration. Mainly, Michigan businesses find that the main difference between these systems is in their software and resolution. DVR systems are capable of recording picture at around 720p x 480p resolution. In today’s world, this isn’t ideal. Most DVR systems also use coaxial cables and require challenging installations. That being said, DVR systems have their place. They require less internal storage, can be accessed with or without Internet and are easier to change on a fundamental level. They may be old-school, but they’re still used for many reasons. Alternatively, NVR systems seem to be the way of the future. NVR systems can record in 4k, meaning resolutions  are in high-definition at between 1080p and 4000p. This translates to clearer images and better video quality overall. That considered, storage becomes a factor with these systems. Users will either need lots of inter-storage or a cloud platform for accessing stored footage. Both systems have their place in today’s world, and the type of business usually determines which system would be the best fit.

Automatic loss prevention: how motion detection helps protect your business

Motion detection technology is not only helpful in many everyday situations, but may be financially beneficial to business owners. Motion detection software identifies suspicious activity and directs the cameras to begin recording and transmitting video. Updates and alerts can be sent in real-time to smart devices or security personnel; users with system access can begin viewing camera activity as soon as they receive a motion detection alert. Today, certain motion detection software can even distinguish between people, animals, vehicles and weather anomalies. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted and motion detection software can be as active or as unresponsive as needed, based on the present circumstances. Ann Abror business owners will particularly appreciate the ability to set sensitivity levels, as adjustments can be made throughout the year to anticipate the changing seasons and business activity fluctuations.

Visibility: Infrared possibilities and camera placement

Infrared technology makes it possible to record quality video in essentially complete darkness. This means that users can surveil essentially any area around the clock. Infrared cameras utilize infrared light waves to create black and white images for users to review. In Michigan, security systems must be durable enough to stand up to the intense temperatures. Many infrared camera systems record easily when used inside or outside. Automatic lighting sensors allow security cameras to automatically switch from low-light recording to day mode instantly.

Choosing the best system in Ann Arbor and Flint

Michigan business owners have a lot to consider when choosing the right security system. That’s part of the reason it’s so critical to find a surveillance system retailer and installation company that you can trust.

If you’re looking for a quality Ann arbor business security system, look no further than eos. We have the right professional surveillance solution for your store, small business, healthcare facility, restaurant, golf course, marina, warehouse or other commercial enterprise.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you decide which security solutions will best fit your specific business’s needs. Serving Flint, Ann Arbor, and most of Michigan, eos looks forward to helping you find the right video surveillance solution.

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