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2 Megapixel Dome

2 MPX Dome

Our eos 2 Megapixel IP Dome Cameras provide CRYSTAL CLEAR image quality in a TRUE 16:9 aspect ratio. This camera is adapted for high-contrast lighting conditions and sports an infrared cut filter that ensures the image quality at night is crisp. In addition, the Wide Dynamic Range feature eliminates washed out imagery from an exterior light source. The 3-axis gimbal ensures the best angle for coverage is achieved. Our 2.8-12mm lens allows for precise dialed in coverage of any subject, making this a superior addition to any surveillance system.

2 Megapixel Bullet

2 MPX Dome

Our eos 2 Megapixel IP Bullet Cameras offer an EXCEPTIONAL level of clarity with a TRUE 16:9 aspect ratio. Features like Wide Dynamic Range and a high-contrast image sensor make this camera well equipped for any application. The 2.8-12mm lens allows for a wide field of view which can be tailor fit to any scene. The 1080p resolution is a standard for full HD coverage.

2 Megapixel PTZ


Our eos 2 Megapixel IP PTZ Cameras have an optical range of 20X! This camera can see EXTREME clarity even at night due to the high powered infrared LED’s. The rapid movement capabilities of this camera allows the user to hone in on a subject quickly with precision. If you need to monitor specific detail, this solution will change the way you look at surveillance.

4 Megapixel Dome

4 MPX Dome

Our eos 4 Megapixel IP Dome Camera will add a HEIGHTENED level of resolution that will capture footage with PINPOINT accuracy. The shatterproof body ensures that the recorded footage will not be interrupted by vandals. This is an excellent camera for covering face recognition as well as denominations of bills in a cash drawer. The 2.8-12mm lens gives a solid field of view. If you need to capture detail, look no further.

4 Megapixel Bullet

4 MPX Bullet

Our eos 4 Megapixel IP Bullet Camera is the PERFECT solution for pushing resolution up to the next level. The high powered infrared LED’s provide a HIGH CONTRASTED night image which is ideal for exterior coverage. This camera also performs exceptionally well in the manufacturing industry due to the increased resolution and rugged design. The 2.8-12mm lens provides a range ideal for wide angle coverage or a tight dedicated view.

8 Megapixel Dome

8 MPX Dome

Our eos 8 Megapixel IP Dome Camera is designed to deliver true 4K QUALITY. This camera will allow you to identify detail with definite accuracy. The high powered infrared LED’s provide a significant amount of illumination that delivers SUPERIOR night imagery. If you need a massive increase in resolution at a high frame rate, eos will customize all settings for your specific application.

8 Megapixel Bullet

8 MPX Dome

Our eos 8 Megapixel IP Bullet Camera will provide your business with an UNMATCHED quality. The 4K resolution provides an OUTSTANDING level of clarity on the recorded footage. Our team will customize each setting to accommodate your specific needs. The ultra sharp imagery will give your facility a level of insight that you never thought was possible.

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