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Commercial businesses in Michigan face many security challenges. From crimes like theft and vandalism to liability issues that can impact profit – like employee negligence – a powerful commercial security system in Ann Arbor or Flint can help businesses thwart a multitude of frustrating challenges. No matter how dedicated your security team, there’s simply no way to keep track of all facets of your business ’round the clock. New technological advancements have made it possible to install top-of-the-line security solutions with advanced user features. Investing in a better video security system may save your commercial business from future loss, help prevent criminal activity and could lead to increased productivity – and profit.

eos can help your commercial enterprise find viable security solutions that will help keep employees and products safe. We offer numerous types of surveillance systems that operate ’round the clock to better protect your business. Whether you’ve had issues in the past that have led you to believe a security system may be necessary or you’re trying to avoid problems in the future, a quality surveillance system can have many benefits. Below, we’ll take a look at the many ways that an advanced Ann Arbor commercial surveillance solution may benefit your business.

Advantages of video surveillance

There are many advantages to installing a video surveillance system in your commercial operation. From deterring crime to helping you negate liability, the right surveillance solution may save your company from many kinds of profit loss.

  • Reduce theft and criminal activity: Surveillance systems reduce instances of theft in many ways. Not only can they help deter potential criminals, but they also assist in reducing or eliminating internal theft altogether.
  • Criminal external theft and vandalism: A security system can help reduce instances of external theft and vandalism on your property. Shipments and deliveries will be easier to monitor. Other merchandise and company property will be better protected, too. This is because most who steal from commercial businesses commit crimes based on the opportunities that catch their eye. Security cameras take away the opportunistic nature of these crimes. Simply having professional security cameras on the premises could serve as a powerful deterrent. If goods are stolen or your property is vandalized, your commercial surveillance system could help you identify and prosecute those responsible.
  • Internal theft: In many cases, theft is committed by employees or company personnel of some type. This is often due to the fact that they have extensive knowledge of the value of company products and merchandise. These individuals usually know when others are more likely to catch them in the act. Installing an advanced security solution can dramatically reduce instances of such internal theft. The simple presence of a camera tends to act as a reminder to maintain proper company policy.
  • Other types of theft: Time theft, unreported damages, supply theft and incorrect hour logging are all forms of stealing. Over the course of time, these small crimes begin to add up and hurt your bottom line. Your commercial security system can help prevent these kinds of theft. Employees will be reminded that dishonesty is documented. Business owners will be able to see who is following company policies and who is ignoring them.

Increase commercial business profits

The right surveillance solution may also be able to help commercial businesses increase profits annually. Many video solutions will pay for themselves over the course of two years. This is because the presence of security cameras can lead to many positive benefits in a commercial environment.

  • Elimination of bias: Employees will be reminded to maintain proper standards of conduct by an unbiased third party. This third party is the security camera. No floor manager will be blamed for documenting policy breakage. Security cameras are among the best methods of training managers in your company’s safety and procedural policies.
  • Incentivize workers: Many employees tend to perform better knowing that there’s a chance that their good behavior will be noticed and documented in a permanent way. A surveillance system works as an incentive for employees to work harder.
  • Increase productivity: When company policies and safety procedures are being followed continuously, productivity will inevitably increase. Fewer accidents, disruptions and mistakes lead to productivity increases that can generate greater profits for a commercial business in the long run.

Why choose eos for your video surveillance?

If you own a commercial business in Ann Arbor, Flint or elsewhere in Michigan, eos can help you find a video solution that will benefit your business the most. We have years of experience helping commercial businesses identify areas of potential loss and surveillance weaknesses. We also offer a multitude of advanced surveillance solutions that can be customized to work with all types of companies. Our experienced staff includes expert installers and top-notch customer service via remote support.

Advanced surveillance solutions

eos offers advanced commercial surveillance solutions with the following features:

  • Real-time monitoring: Our available IP servers allow for fast connectivity and real-time monitoring. We also offer scalable growth through these servers, so you will be free to expand your surveillance system in the future. With inter-connected servers, you’ll be able to view, store, and share footage in real-time from anywhere.
  • Motion detection: Choosing cameras with motion detection software is one way to ensure an efficient and competent security solution. Some software also allows for sensitivity levels in motion detection to be customized. This means that you’ll get effective monitoring that’s both security and utility friendly.
  • Infrared technology: Cameras equipped with infrared technology give users superior night vision. This means that you’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on around your commercial property throughout the night. Our infrared cameras are also capable of switching automatically from day to night mode which means less hassle and expense for your business.

Go with the security experts

If you’re considering installing a commercial security system in your Michigan business, look no further than eos. Let us put together the robust, custom security solution you’ve been seeking. We proudly secure Ann Arbor, Flint and all of Michigan.

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