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When you’re looking for the right security solutions for your Michigan enterprise, there are many factors that must be taken into account. What areas of weakness or security challenges do you expect your enterprise face? How rapidly will you be expanding your business? Will you be maintaining surveillance after hours? No matter what your challenges may be, eos will build and install the right Flint or Ann Arbor enterprise security system for your business.

Through the years, eos has provided advanced surveillance systems for hundreds of Michigan businesses and enterprises of various sizes and specifications. Our IP server security systems are fully scalable, meaning that you won’t be confined to a particular surveillance system size. You can add cameras, customize features and choose from various advanced server systems as your enterprise grows and changes. Analog systems are also available for certain types of on-site surveillance. eos is here to help entrepreneurs in Ann Arbor and Flint, Michigan, find the best surveillance solutions for their unique enterprises. Below, we will take an in-depth look at what eos can do for your company.

Loss prevention

If you are building or expanding your enterprise, product and time loss can be detrimental. The right Ann Arbor enterprise surveillance solution can help to keep your endeavor on track by preventing profit, merchandise,and material losses.

  • Deterring external theft: Most external theft crimes are based on opportunity. Having a security system will deter most opportunistic types of crime. The simple presence of security cameras may be enough to keep thieves at bay. If criminal external theft does take place, security footage may be used to prosecute offenders and can even lead to the recovery of stolen goods or materials.
  • Preventing internal theft: Internal theft is more common than many may believe. Employees who steal from the company are more likely to go unpunished for a few reasons. First, they have extensive knowledge of the day-to-day operations within their respective workplace. Additionally, employees are more likely to steal merchandise, goods or supplies that are poorly regulated or accounted for. A surveillance system can help you track specific instances of theft within your enterprise.
  • Reducing liability: Accidents are inevitable. From work-related injuries to automobile crashes that may take place in your parking lot, you’re bound to face liability issues at one point or another. Having visual and audio evidence can be critical to reducing or eliminating the liability or your business.

Profiting from your surveillance systems

Building any enterprise takes hard work and commitment. Your surveillance system can actually help ease some of your burdens. Apart from surveilling for security purposes, your video and audio recording system can be utilized in a manner that may actually increase the profits that your enterprise brings in. Here are a few ways that an advanced surveillance solution may actually help your business profit:

  • Customer behavior and marketing applications: If your enterprise revolves around sales, retail transactions or other activities that will require customer-employee relations, your security system may be used to improve profits. Monitoring operations is a fantastic way to keep an eye on customer traffic. You’ll be able to better understand shopper behavior and consumer habits by reviewing footage whenever you feel it’s pertinent. Watching where shoppers frequent or what advertisements seem to draw their attention can help you target specific demographics and increase your profits over time.
  • Sales training and staff monitoring:Using your surveillance system as a training tool may be beneficial. With the advanced surveillance systems offered by eos, you’ll have the opportunity to see how employees or sales staff are interacting with customers and clients. This will help you improve training methods and sales strategies. eos offers video and audio footage that can be stored and referenced from anywhere, any time. This footage can be shared with managers to help employees target operational areas that might need improvement.
  • Incentivizing and maximizing efficiency: Building an enterprise takes time, effort and energy. Starting things out right can give your business a huge advantage for years to come. Positive employee behavior and habits will impact the success of any enterprise. Employees will be more likely to adhere to the standards set for them if they feel their behavior may be monitored. This can help to incentivize some employees to work harder while also deterring employees from building bad habits at work. In time, this can help to improve profits by minimizing work-related mistakes, accidents and time-loss incidents.

Client and employee safety

Employee and customer safety is also an important part of any Michigan enterprise. Employees who know that they work in a safe environment are more likely to perform better on the job. Alternatively, customers in Ann Arbor and Flint will be more likely to frequent businesses that they feel are secure. An enterprise surveillance system can make any environment safer in a number of ways.

  • Reduce criminal behavior: Criminal acts are less likely to take place in areas that are being surveilled by security cameras. Vandalism, criminal violence, and other forms of crime can be reduced or prevented entirely with adequate security systems.
  • Protect employees from harassment: Harassment in the workplace should not be taken lightly. Complaints of harassment or employee disputes can be substantiated or resolved with video and audio footage.
  • Document misconduct: Many different kinds of employee or client misconduct can be recognized, documented and prevented with proper video surveillance.

Let eos secure your Michigan enterprise

At eos, we offer multiple security solutions. Our Michigan surveillance systems can be scaled and customized to fit various enterprises. You will have access to systems with features such as:

  • Motion detection
  • automatic infrared night-vision
  • audio recording
  • real-time IP server monitoring
  • cloud storage
  • and much more

Any enterprise can benefit from having a quality security system installed. If you believe that your enterprise deserves premium protection and are located in the state of Michigan anywhere between Flint and Ann Arbor, eos is ready to help you today. Our expertly trained staff team has the experience and knowledge needed to help you find your ideal surveillance solution in Michigan.

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