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Golf Course Surveillance System in Ann Arbor

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Golf courses benefit from surveillance systems in many ways. Protecting grounds from vandalism and property destruction are important components of maintenance and security. Golf course equipment must also be protected from theft, damage and other losses. Video surveillance on the links is especially challenging. Weather changes, off-season security, loss prevention and other unique difficulties must be addressed when properly surveilling a course and all of its buildings. When you’re ready to install a golf course security system in Ann Arbor or Flint, look no further than eos. We have decades of collective experience equipping businesses throughout Michigan with advanced, custom surveillance solutions.

eos can help you create customized security systems with advanced surveillance components. All of our cameras and recording devices work seamlessly in correlation with fast servers and premium internal components. We understand that some golf courses in Michigan can be challenging to surveil due to their large size and susceptibility to adverse weather conditions. It all starts with solid planning after a thorough inspection of your course and associated structures.

Below, we’ll examine a few of the ways an eos surveillance system will be able to help protect your golf course, staff members and clubhouse equipment.

Preventing criminal property damage

Vandalism, trespassing, property damage and equipment damages can all be detrimental to running a golf course smoothly. At eos, we have an Ann Arbor golf surveillance solution that can help reduce or prevent these problems entirely, including:

  • Vandalism: Golf courses are particularly prone to vandals because of their expansive sizes and limited available security measures. It’s not difficult to gain access to a golf course without permission. In most cases, vandals are opportunistic criminals. This means that they are more likely to commit acts of vandalism when they notice an obvious lapse in security. Installing a competent and dependable security system can help golf course owners prevent vandalism more easily. If vandalism does occur, it will be documented and the resulting video footage can be used to locate and prosecute the criminals responsible.
  • Trespassing: This is another issue that golf course owners must combat. While trespassing in itself isn’t very harmful, trespassers are unlikely to simply walk through a golf course without disturbing anything. From accidental damage to greens to intentional damage that may be inflicted on golf course property, trespassers can be a legitimate problem for golf course owners. Trespassers also may cause a variety of liability issues. Once again, trespassing is usually a crime of opportunity. Trespassers will often ignore posted signs but may be keen to avoid entering premises unlawfully if they believe that they may be caught on a surveillance video. For that reason, video surveillance cameras can be used to limit or eliminate instances of trespassing.
  • Other types of property damage: Your surveillance system may also help to prevent many other kinds of property damage. From vehicle accidents to weather phenomena, your golf course will be better protected with live surveillance footage. Motion detection alerts can help security staff prevent accidents before they even happen.

Surveilling players

Another area in which golf courses seem prone to damage has to do with club members and players on the course. This is because golfers tend to require some amount of peace and solitude when they’re playing a round or two. This is understandable; it’s easy to see why innocent players may become frustrated if security staff members are actively watching their every move. That being said, some of the most significant damage to a course comes from the players themselves. For this reason, an advanced surveillance system is a fantastic way to prevent damage that may be inflicted on a course by players.

  • Subtle monitoring: Surveillance systems allow golfers to enjoy their games in peace without being bothered by security personnel. Security cameras can be placed in unobtrusive locations where they will quietly surveil the daily activities that take place on a course. Footage can be monitored by a small staff team, saving golf course owners time, money, and energy.
  • Liability protection: Having dependable surveillance on your golf course can help protect you from a wide range of liability issues. From fraudulent claims to theft of course equipment, keeping an eye on players can be extremely beneficial.
  • Player safety: Players will be safer throughout each round with professionals keeping an eye on what’s happening on the course. Injured players will be attended to faster and dangerous situations will be negated more easily.

Security through all seasons

Our Michigan golf course surveillance solutions have been designed to stand up to all kinds of weather, even Michigan winters. This means that you can surveil your entire course without having to have a single security staff member on site. Through our advanced IP servers, you’ll have access to live high-definition feeds that record and store footage year-round.

  • High-definition cameras: eos offers our clients the best available high-definition security cameras. Our cameras can capture crisp and clear details in true-to-life colors.
  • Infrared night vision: Cameras may be equipped with automatic infrared night vision. This means that you’ll be able to see what’s going on in or around your golf course or clubhouse in clean and highly-contrasting detail at essentially any hour of the day or night.
  • Real-time motion detection: Our surveillance solutions also may be equipped with real-time footage monitoring and motion detection alerts. Cameras work by utilizing motion detection software to make them more efficient and reliable. Users may receive alerts when suspicious activity is detected in designated areas that are being surveilled by our camera systems.

Finding the best security solution for your golf course

If you have been looking for a security solution for your golf course in Flint, Michigan or the surrounding areas, eos can help. We offer our services to Michigan courses in Ann Arbor, Flint, and many locations in between. eos offers an array of surveillance equipment options, all with advanced features and fast servers. We have an exceptional staff team made up of experienced service technicians, seasoned consultants, and expertly trained IT professionals. If you have any unanswered questions about golf course surveillance, feel free to ask anyone on our staff team. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are ready to answer any and all of your questions.

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