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For Michigan healthcare facilities and hospitals, video surveillance can be much more than just a helpful tool. The right video security solution may assist in controlling costs, reducing criminal activity and effectively increasing the safety of your medical facility in numerous ways. From protecting against various security breaches to providing valuable visual documentation of potential incidents, a health care security system in Ann Arbor or Flint can help both large and small scale medical facilities operate in a safer and more efficient manner. With multi-platform software, professional installation technicians, state of the art cameras and HD equipment, eos will help identify, build and install the perfect security solution for your hospital or healthcare facility.

Michigan hospitals and healthcare facilities that choose eos may notice improvements in areas like:


The right security solution can improve safety in your medical facility. From deterring criminal activity to helping keep patient records more secure, your surveillance system may help to improve the safety of your facility in innumerable ways.

  • Overall security: The very presence of security cameras helps to improve security in general. Patient records, financial information, and confidential paperwork can easily be monitored by security staff from remote locations in Ann Arbor and Flint – and virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Deter criminal behavior: Criminals are likely to scan for the presence of cameras before engaging in illegal activity. If your facility has experienced internal theft, external supply theft or other similar incidents, a reliable health care surveillance solution in Ann Arbor can help. Many Michigan facilities notice a dramatic reduction of criminal activity within weeks of installing a video security camera system.
  • Visual evidence: When illegal activities take place, having reliable visual evidence makes all the difference. If you decide to prosecute, having the suspects’ activities on camera can make or break your case. A high-definition surveillance system like those from eos can record and store indefinite amounts footage. You’ll be able to access, share and save any and all of the video that you’ll need.
  • Prevent dishonest claims: Healthcare facilities usually have to process claims of employees and patients frequently. In some situations, dishonest claims will surface. Video documentation can help substantiate or dispute claims accurately.

Employee behavior

Managing employees can be difficult in any industry. In the health care profession, employees have access to sensitive information, valuable medical equipment and controlled substances. Keeping track of employee behavior is also an important part of running a facility smoothly. A quality Michigan surveillance solution can help to improve employee conduct and behavior in numerous ways.

  • Productivity: Surveillance systems have been proven to enhance employee productivity in many ways. From encouraging staff members and hospital personnel to follow company policies to keeping track of absences, your surveillance system can be a valuable productivity tool.
  • Employee disputes: When employees have a dispute with a patient, superior, or team member, it can be difficult to address the root of the problem. Having disputes on record via visual or audio footage can help to settle disagreements in a non-biased way.

eos’ innovative camera solutions

With fast IPS server technology and high-definition cameras, surveillance systems are currently more advanced than they ever have been before. eos offers top-of-the-line service, advanced remote support, discrete installation, experienced technicians and cross-platform compatible software. You’ll be able to access and store more information while still maintaining the highest levels of security and video quality.

  • Continuous real-time monitoring: Continuous real-time monitoring means that you can surveil anything and everything from anywhere at any time. If you decide to store your video on a separate server, eos can help with that too. We offer many different cameras and servers that work together to give you the best possible surveillance currently available in Flint and Ann Arbor.
  • Remote access: Having remote access to video and audio footage can be both efficient and cost-effective. Authorized personnel can access real-time footage from anywhere through the use of an IPS server. We also offer cameras with infrared technology for superior night vision as well as motion detection alerts.

Many post-installation considerations

When determining which type of security system will be right for your hospital or health care facility, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration. For instance, the size of your facility will determine which security solutions will be right for you. Additionally, your current staff requirements must also be considered. Here are a few questions you should answer before choosing a security system:

  • How large is your hospital or medical facility?
  • Does your facility have access to the internet throughout?
  • What surveillance systems does your facility currently have in place?
  • How many security staff members are currently working for your facility?
  • What level of criminal activity do you anticipate?
  • What are the most critical areas in need of surveillance?
  • Would your facility benefit more from an analog (wired) system than from an IPS server system?
  • Has your hospital been burdened with insurance disputes that could be resolved with visual evidence?

If you aren’t sure how to answer some of these questions, no problem. Our staff team can walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Experience matters

Collectively, we have decades of experience equipping numerous medical facilities and other similar businesses in Ann Arbor and Flint. Our security pros are available to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the right Michigan security systems that will best fit the unique needs of your hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or other health care facility.

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