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Need video cameras to protect your business in Flint, Michigan? Let eos help.

Industrial areas in Michigan that specialize in manufacturing, energy production, mining and warehouse storage are more susceptible to losses. Vandalism, property destruction, and break-ins are more difficult to prevent in certain industrial situations. Fortunately, advances in surveillance technology have made it possible to monitor activity on industrial sites more easily and effectively than ever before. With infrared night vision, motion detection, and real-time video and audio footage, it’s never been easier to keep your industrial site secure. A properly scaled and installed industrial security system in Ann Arbor or Flint should help prevent loss and may improve the profitability of your company.

Michigan has many distinct industrial areas that require advanced security solutions. eos offers top-of-the-line security surveillance systems to industrial businesses in Flint, Ann Arbor, and all surrounding areas. At eos, our staff team is made up of experienced surveillance technicians, professional installation experts, and knowledgeable consultants. We can help you find the best possible surveillance solutions for all of your industrial applications. We strive to ensure that each and every system that we install has been tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We can help industrial specialists combat challenges, like:



  • Trespassing and break-ins: Industrial sites are more prone to trespassers than most other businesses. This is due to their larger scale and easy accessibility. In states like Michigan, where seasonal temperature changes may cause drastic fluctuations in weather patterns, criminals and vagrants are more likely to seek shelter in industrial parks or complexes. Additionally, groups who engage in criminal activities like gangs and criminal syndicates may target unmonitored construction sites and industrial complexes to use as a home base for any number of criminal activities. This can cause liability issues and negatively impact the profits of industrial businesses. Installing an adept security system goes a long way toward discouraging and in some cases, preventing, criminal trespassing of this nature.
  • Vandalism and property damage: Industrial complexes are like playgrounds for vandals and miscreants. This simple presence of visible surveillance equipment is usually enough to send potential vandals looking for another place in which to cause trouble. Today, eos offers cameras with advanced features like motion detection and infrared night vision. These features can help prevent all types of crime, including vandalism. With real-time alerts and 24/7 monitoring, security personnel will be able to stop crimes before they even happen. Over time, this can lead to significant profit increases for industrial business owners.
  • External theft of materials and goods: External theft is in many cases a crime of opportunity. An industrial complex that lacks surveillance equipment may seem like the perfect target for certain opportunistic criminals. Installing a competent security system will help to deter would-be thieves. Additionally, if external theft does occur, you’ll be able to quickly gain access to video and audio recordings. This type of footage may help you identify criminals, find license plates, and prosecute offenders.
  • Employee misconduct and rule breaking: Michigan employees can be difficult to manage in areas where supervision is sparse. Installing a quality security system can help to reduce instances of employee misconduct. Simply knowing that managers may have access to the footage of their recent activities is usually enough to remind employees to follow the rules when no one is around.
  • Internal theft of supplies or goods: Internal theft is another issue commonly faced by industrial businesses. This is because in many cases, supervisors are unable to keep track of everyone under them. Additionally, employees know better than anyone what items will be missed and what items may be stolen without notice. Installing a security system will help to prevent theft by employees. It may also help business owners identify employees who have been stealing from their companies.
  • Safety violations and unsafe behavior: Safety procedures are not always followed by staff members in Ann Arbor. Installing security cameras can help encourage employees to maintain safety protocols at all times. This will lead to fewer lost time incidents, liability suits, and less profit loss. Over time, simply keeping employees in line by encouraging them to follow safety procedures can lead to more profitability.
  • Protecting employees from other dangers: Your security system can also help to protect employees from danger. If there’s been a spill, damage to a building, or other accident, footage can be reviewed remotely so that no one has to be put in unnecessary danger. Additionally, other perceived threats to company property or employees can be addressed quickly. Employees can be notified and evacuated more safely using real-time security footage.
  • Training and incentivizing employees: For business owners looking to improve productivity among workers, using a Michigan surveillance solution to create training footage is now a possibility. Surveillance footage can be a big incentive for workers. Workers who have been doing their job right will be incentivized by recognition of their good behavior. Staff members who have been cutting corners and ignoring company policies can be reprimanded or trained as needed. Either way, knowing which workers are performing well and which ones are falling short can help to increase productivity in a number of ways.
  • Material and property damage: When equipment, materials, or merchandise is damaged on the job, it can be difficult to identify why. Installing a quality security system can help industrial site managers and company owners get to the bottom of an incident quickly and without dispute.

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If you have been searching for unparalleled industrial security solutions for your Michigan enterprise, eos can help. We have various industrial surveillance solutions in Ann Arbor and Flint that can aid you in preventing any number of problems on the job. Whether you’re trying to keep your employees safer or you simply want to increase the profitability of your company, we’ll build and install the right security system for you.

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