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If you own or manage a restaurant in Michigan, you’d likely agree that managing employees, customers and property can be quite an undertaking. You face numerous challenges related to merchandise theft, liability and asset damage. No matter the size of your eatery in Michigan, installing a reliable business surveillance system can be beneficial in numerous ways, helping you solve or avoid any number of problems ranging from interpersonal or employee disputes to property damage and theft. As such, an advanced restaurant security system in Ann Arbor or Flint can easily pay for itself many time over in a relatively short period of time.

eos understands what it takes to properly protect and surveil a restaurant. Our team has decades of collective experience helping business owners protect their assets and staff members. We offer advanced, custom surveillance solutions that not only protect your business, but may lead to significant profit increase over time. Below, we will take a look at how an eos surveillance solution could be of great benefit to your restaurant.

Loss prevention

When you’re building or maintaining a restaurant, there isn’t much room for costly errors. Loss prevention is a critical part of increasing the profitability of any business. eos can help your restaurant prevent loss in many ways, including:

  • deterring thieves: “Dine-and-dashers” are common in Ann Arbor, Flint and other areas of Michigan. Security cameras can help deter such activity. Installing video cameras on or near your loading dock can help to ensure that shipments are received and handled correctly. Surveillance also deters employees who falsify time cards or remove money from the cash register without authorization. Solutions for securing your business’ warehouse are discussed in detail, here.
  • preventing property damage: Another common reason for loss is damage to your restaurant’s property or assets. When customers or employees break something, they should be held liable to pay for it. To help ensure that your restaurant gets its fair share, security footage can be a critical tool. You could review footage to find out which customer or employee is responsible. By installing cameras in your parking lot, you could avoid liability for certain accidents or altercations.
  • preventing vandalism: Vandalism is usually a crime of opportunity. Those who commit this crime are more likely to damage property if they believe that they are alone and unsupervised. To help prevent vandalism, ensure that your property is properly surveiled.

Improved employee behavior

Your security system can do more than strengthen safety or prevent loss. Many Michigan restaurants now use camera systems to help improve employee behavior and aid in training. Here are a few common ways this is accomplished:

  • incentivize good behavior: Cameras placed strategically in your restaurant can help you document and review customer and waitstaff interactions. This footage can be used to help incentivize staff members to perform better.
  • improve health habits: Employees are more likely to follow health and safety codes if they know that they could be held accountable.
  • training: Video footage can be a critical training tool. For new hires, being able to see examples of proper behavior can be very helpful. Using footage from your own Michigan restaurant can give employees an idea of what to expect. Video footage can also be used to re-train longtime employees. In many cases, seeing themselves on camera can change the way employees behave and carry themselves in the future.

What eos can offer you

eos installs advanced surveillance equipment, fast servers and professional technicians ready to help secure your Flint or Ann Arbor restaurant.

  • advanced surveillance equipment: From high-definition cameras to the latest infrared night vision technology, we provide the high-tech gear your restaurant needs to stay safer and more productive. You can choose from a wide array of cameras, servers and security system configurations. Our consultants will walk you through the entire process.
  • real-time monitoring: Our IP servers allow for real-time monitoring from virtually anywhere. You’ll be able to see your restaurant, kitchen, lobby and parking lot from the remote location of your choice. Choose from features like motion detection alerts or smart footage sharing to get the most out of your eos system.
  • experts installers: Our experienced installation technicians are both discreet and professional.

Finding the best solution in Michigan

eos can help business owners effortlessly handle their daily security challenges by installing the right restaurant surveillance solution in Ann Arbor or Flint. let our friendly and knowledgeable team assist you every step of the way. Call today for a free demo.

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