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Retail Security Solution in Ann Arbor

Trust the Flint, Michigan store surveillance experts to find your perfect camera system

Retail businesses in Michigan face a unique set of security and surveillance challenges. Competent surveillance systems can be a true asset to retail business owners who want to prevent merchandise loss, property damage, and employee misconduct. If your retail business is susceptible to problematic issues like shoplifting, vandalism, or other losses stemming from lapses in security, eos likely has the Flint or Ann Arbor surveillance system that you’ve been looking for.

We have been helping retail businesses protect their merchandise, property, and employees, for years. Our advanced security systems feature helpful options like real-time footage review, infrared night vision, automatic motion detection, and fast IP servers. At eos, we strive to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with the services they receive. Our staff team is made up of competent consultants, professional installation technicians, and experienced IT experts. eos can help your retail business find solutions to common industry problems like:

  • Loss prevention: Loss of inventory from employee theft, shoplifting, fraud and other uncontrollable factors can be damaging to the profitability of your retail business. Reducing shrinkage is essential to the growth and management of your enterprise. One of the best ways to avoid loss from shrinkage is to prevent and remove possible external loss factors. A reliable security system can help you do this.
  • Shoplifting: The very presence of security cameras in your retail business can reduce instances of shoplifting dramatically. In most cases, shoplifting is a crime of opportunity. Removing opportunities to conceal merchandise helps to eliminate the possibility for this crime to take place. Shoplifters are usually petty criminals who have committed crimes of theft like shoplifting before. Shoplifters tend to scan an area for security cameras before concealing merchandise. These criminals gravitate toward areas where security cameras aren’t in use or other blind spots. eos can help you install security cameras in a way that eliminates blind spots. We can also help you install energy efficient cameras that utilize motion detection to help prevent shoplifting.
  • Internal theft: Internal theft is theft committed by employees, staff members, vendors or other individuals within a company. Theft of this kind usually occurs when unmonitored access to merchandise, materials, or supplies has been granted. Internal theft is one of the most common causes of shrinkage in retail businesses. Preventing internal theft can be tricky but is by no means impossible. Installing security cameras in hidden locations is one of the easiest methods that can be used to prevent internal theft or to identify employees who engage in internal theft. Cameras with infrared technology can also be helpful when internal theft is suspected.
  • Merchandise damage: Damaged merchandise can be another reason for shrinkage. When employees aren’t properly trained or damage merchandise and try to hide their mistakes, your business may experience profit loss. Alternatively, customers who damage merchandise can contribute to losses as well. A competent security system can help you accurately document the real cause of damaged goods.
  • Property damage: Property damage can also contribute to shrinkage and profit loss. Security cameras in parking lots, entryways, and exits may help business owners document the circumstances surrounding property damage.
  • Employee behavior and training: Surveillance systems can be used for more than just shrinkage prevention and safety. Your surveillance footage may be used to help train employees, resolve interpersonal disputes, and prevent harassment.
  • Employee disputes: When employees have a dispute with a customer or another staff member, getting to the bottom of things may seem impossible. Your surveillance system can be used to identify the real issues surrounding disputes between customers or employees. We recommend utilizing a security system with audio recording components for training or problem resolution within your business.
  • Training and incentivizing: Your surveillance system may also be a practical training tool for employees and managerial staff. You’ll be able to reference real incidents and use them as examples for other employees. Additionally, security cameras are good for incentivizing and disincentivizing employees. Many employees perform better knowing that their good behavior will be noticed and is being documented. Alternatively, poor behavior is likely to be discouraged by the use of surveillance cameras. Employees who know that their bad behavior may be noted are more likely to follow company procedures and rules.
  • Harassment: Harassment should never be taken lightly in the workplace. Your security system can help keep your employees safe from harassment that may come from other employees or customers. If harassment does take place, footage can be referenced for use in a prosecution process, for corporate review, or for other reasons.

eos offers surveillance cameras with advanced user features and amenities

We offer a wide array of top-of-the-line security and surveillance equipment. From the latest and most technologically advanced cameras to servers with unimaginable amounts of storage, you can rest assured knowing that eos has everything that your retail business in Michigan needs to maintain the highest levels of surveillance security.

  • Large servers: Our servers come with varying amounts of storage. We also offer access to fast IP servers and cloud storage platforms. Servers with lightning-fast processing speeds and unparalleled connectivity are available to all of our clients.
  • Infrared night vision: Automatic infrared technology allows users to get a clear view of what’s going on in and around their businesses at any time of the day or night.
  • Real-time footage: Our IP server systems grant users access to real-time surveillance footage. You can see what’s going on in and around your retail business from anywhere at any time.
  • Motion detection: With motion detection alerts and constant high-definition video imaging, your surveillance system can be more efficient and useful than ever before.

Finding the best system for your retail business

A reliable store security system in Ann Arbor or Flint can be a vital tool capable of helping you increase profits and control day-to-day operations of your retail business more efficiently. If you own or manage a retail business in Michigan, let eos help you find the best surveillance solutions for your unique situation.

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