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Small business owners in Michigan understand the importance of safety and security. Whether you’re trying to prevent loss, protect your employees or monitor efficiency, eos has a security solution that can work for your business. No matter how diligent and experienced your staff may be, they can’t keep an eye on everything at all times. A reliable small business surveillance system in Ann Arbor or Flint can make the lives of employees and upper easier – and safer.

At eos, we are very familiar with the many challenges small business owners in Michigan face. From real-time security alerts to cloud storage that allows you to review video footage anytime and from anywhere, a custom security system can simplify the operation of your small business in countless ways. Our friendly and experienced staff team can assist you in finding a surveillance solution tailored to fit your small business’s specific needs. Below are a few ways we can protect your business.

Parking lot monitoring

If your small business has its own parking lot or rents parking lot space from a third-party, it’s best to install a security system to monitor activity. It’s a fact that one in five traffic accidents takes place in a parking lot. Additionally, employees will appreciate the presence of a security system. Parking lot security systems are also very handy for tracking shipment deliveries. For your small business, a parking lot security system in Ann Arbor can also:

Deter vehicle theft

Car thieves hare known to check for surveillance systems before committing a crime. Having a security system in your Michigan parking lot is a great way to help prevent the theft of vehicles.

Increased public safety

A security system can help to keep your employees and the general public safer. A security system will not only deter but also may aid in the capture of criminals outside your business.

  • Reduce liability: Accidents are inevitable. From slips on ice to vehicle crashes, accidents are bound to happen at some point in any parking lot. A security system can help clear your small business from liability in situations where accidents occur.
  • Theft and loss prevention: If you have a retail business, you know that shoplifting can be a real problem. Alternatively, even small business who don’t specialize in retail goods may encounter theft from employees or customers. Supply theft and time theft are other areas of loss that may impact your small business in a negative way. An eos security system may help you avoid negative impacts from:
    • Shoplifting: Shoplifters are often deterred by the very presence of security cameras. If merchandise loss does take place, your security camera can help you identify criminals easily. You’ll also be able to pinpoint areas of weakness and train employees accordingly.
    • Company theft: Whether employees are misusing office supplies, taking breaks on the clock, or blatantly stealing products, a security system can help. Knowing that cameras have been installed is usually enough to stop employees from most types of theft.

Employee safety

As an Ann Arbor company owner, you want to know that your employees are safe. A Michigan small business surveillance system will help to ensure that misconduct is minimized. Additionally, systems with audio may help to prevent harassment, verbal abuse and other incidents that can make a work environment unpleasant. Your video surveillance solution can keep clients, employees and visitors safe from:

  • Harassment: Harassment from other employees, customers, or visitors can be avoided with a security system. If harassment does take place, you’ll be able to access video footage and take action accordingly.
  • Misconduct: Your surveillance system can help you monitor and prevent employee and customer misconduct in your place of business.
  • General criminal activity: Robbery, workplace violence, and other illegal altercations can be prevented by the simple presence of a security system.
    If activities of this nature do take place, you’ll be able to access the video footage and take action as you deem fit.


Your security system may also help to improve the productivity of your small business. From tracking deliveries to monitoring employee behavior, your surveillance system can help things to run smoother. An eos surveillance system may also help improve:

  • Employee behavior: Employees are more likely to follow any number of company policies when they have more accountability. Whether it is a matter of arriving to work on time, wearing a company uniform, or simply locking up before going home, employees who know that they may be held accountable for their actions are more likely to follow policies correctly.
  • Workflow: The workflow of your small business may also be improved as a direct result of the installation of a surveillance system.

Innovative and advanced surveillance equipment in Michigan

eos has a wide range of advanced security equipment for you to choose from. You’ll be able to monitor your small business or office in real-time and will also have access to footage around the clock. We offer multiple camera and server options for your convenience. Our staff team can help you decide which surveillance solution will best fit your budget and needs. We can also go over any available add-ons and features that you believe will be beneficial for your small business. No matter what the needs of your small business are, eos has the surveillance solutions that you need. We also offer cameras with infrared night vision, motion detection, and smart device alerts that allow you to stay on top of your small businesses activity from anywhere at any time.

Consult with an experienced security camera professional

No matter the size of your business, comprehensive security is a must. If you operate a business in Michigan or the surrounding areas, let the pros at eos build and install your small business security solution in Ann Arbor or Flint. Whether you wish to monitor foot traffic, improve employee productivity, increase parking lot safety, or keep an eye on any other area of your small business, trust eos to recommend the surveillance solution that matches your company’s unique requirements.

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