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In Michigan, warehouses are an essential part of industrial operations. Whether they serve a commercial or private purpose, security is critical. Due to a sharp rise in crime over the last few decades, many warehouse owners have found that reliable warehouse surveillance solutions in Ann Arbor serve as a versatile tool not only to protecting a business, but in stored material and merchandise protection.

eos has years of experience protecting commercial and private warehouses from theft, property damage and vandalism. Below, we will discuss the many ways than an advanced warehouse security system can help to keep your warehouse and all of the materials stored within it safer than ever before. For the purposes of this entry, we will be referencing warehouses used in commercial ways. However, please keep in mind that eos offers security systems tailored to storage units and private warehouses in Flint and Ann Arbor as well.

Benefits of installing warehouse security cameras

There are many benefits to be reaped by the installation of an advanced security system in your warehouse. From loss prevention to employee safety, your surveillance may just be the key to solving various problems or potential issues both inside and outside of your warehouse.

Loss prevention

Your surveillance system will help you prevent various kinds of common loss. From external and internal theft to property damage and vandalism, a competent surveillance system may solve multiple problems for your business. Here are a few types of loss your warehouse surveillance system may help to prevent:

  • Vandalism: The very presence of security cameras on the exterior of your warehouse will usually be enough to deter would-be vandals. If acts of vandalism do occur, you’ll be able to access and share footage to aid in prosecution.
  • Internal theft: Employee theft is one of the most common kinds of loss that warehouse businesses experience. From vendors who scam companies with incomplete shipments to employees who remove small quantities of wares continuously for years, internal theft is a problem that demands a comprehensive solution. Installing cameras in your warehouse may be the simplest and most effective way to reduce instances of internal theft.
  • Property, merchandise or equipment damage: The damage of goods, company equipment, or company property can also be financially detrimental. Your surveillance system can help you prevent potential property damage, protect merchandise, materials, and goods, and may also help you identify the individuals responsible for various types of damage.
  • Liability and fraudulent claims: When accidents or injuries take place on your property, your company may be held liable. Having video and audio documentation of incidents and accidents is one of the best ways that your business can negate liability. From fraudulent employee claims to dishonest incident reporting, your company will be able to defend innocent employees and prosecute dishonest scammers. Other disputes will be easier to resolve as well. Cameras act as a no-fault third-party free of emotion or bias. Referencing footage is one of the easiest ways to quickly get to the bottom of a claim or incident.

The eos advantage

There are many advantages to be gained by choosing eos for your next warehouse security system in Ann Arbor or Flint. We offer the latest technology, experienced staff and reliable servers that you need to keep your warehouse operating smoothly.

  • Experienced team members: eos has the experienced installation technicians, consultants, and customer service experts that you need to install and maintain your security systems.
  • Advanced surveillance solutions: At EOS, we offer our clients access to the best available security and surveillance equipment. This includes premium cameras capable of producing high-definition footage with true-to-life colors and crisp details. Additionally, we offer fast and innovative servers with ample amounts of storage for retaining more than enough image and video storage for most users. Our IP servers can be used in correlation with cloud storage for potentially unlimited video and image storage.
  • Additional features: Our surveillance solutions come with many available amenities and add-ons. Cameras may come equipped with or be equipped with software that can help users simplify their security endeavors. From Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features to automatic infrared night vision, you can choose from multiple features designs. In some cases, real-time footage and automatic motion detection may also be available. Your features will vary depending on the kind of security system that will be most compatible with your specific warehouse’s requirements.

Challenges of video surveillance

There are a few challenges that commercial or industrial warehouse owners in Michigan may have to combat when installing a security system. eos offers a wide range of versatile surveillance solutions that can overcome most of, if not all of these common challenges:

  • High ceilings: Warehouses tend to have high ceilings. This could mean that a lift must be utilized when certain types of server and camera cables are run. Hard-wiring cameras can be an involved process. eos has experienced service technicians who have access to the equipment needed to run cables of this type.
  • Concrete walls: Concrete and metal industrial walls within warehouses can make radio and cellular signals disappear. This means that certain wireless surveillance systems will not be available to some users. For that reason, eos offers advanced wired analog systems that can be connected to long-range servers for better connectivity. No matter what kind of warehouse you have, eos will be able to find a solution that will fit your specifications and preferences as closely as possible.
  • Unique circumstances: Not all warehouses follow a set blueprint configuration. Warehouse layouts can be considerably different and may vary in size, material construction, and overall design, from business to business. eos creates custom solutions for every business and budget.

Finding the best security solution for your warehouse

The right security solution can be extraordinarily beneficial to warehouse owners and employees alike. If you own a business in Ann Arbor or Flint, Michigan, let eos help you find your ideal warehouse surveillance system. Our expert consultants and technicians stand ready to answer any and all of your questions. We will walk you through the entire selection and installation process, and help you find the security system that will best meet your business’ unique surveillance needs.

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