Small Business Surveillance

Regardless of the size of your business, eos is dedicated to providing a custom solution designed specifically to meet your needs.

eos understands the importance of quality equipment while maintaining an appropriate budget.

Our systems are built to exceed your expectations with a great attention to detail.

Video Management Software

One of the most common complaints with video systems is how difficult the software is to use. We have researched over 60 different platforms to ensure our clients have an easy-to-use, cutting-edge system that will last long into the future.

Forensic Search

This feature lets users highlight a specific region and only review footage with that space. This saves hours of scrubbing long durations of video.

Professional Installation

Our method of installation assures we will not disrupt day-to-day operations. The eos team takes great pride in leaving your facility far better than it was when we started.

HD Cameras

At eos, our camera line has been developed to provide our clients with crystal-clear resolution and striking image contrast. Every component has been hand-selected for quality.

High-Fidelity Microphones

The use of audio can be more valuable than video footage in some instances. The ability to document every conversation between customers and employees is invaluable.

Mobile View

High-definition audio at your fingertips is only a click away. eos also provides access to all recorded footage from our mobile application.


Small Business Benefits

Easy-to-use software is critically important when time is limited.

Click and drag

  • Simple timeline review
  • Zoom-in gesture allows pinpointing activity
  • Swipe through each camera in full screen with 1080p resolution

Mobile key features

  • Zoom-in on all cameras
  • Forensic searching
  • All recorded footage accessible
  • Audio ready
  • Easy screen shots for texting

The best mobile access on the market

Effortless connectivity

Scrub video with precision and speed from any mobile device.
Forensic searching now available from all phones.

Mobile audio

Any camera that implements audio is accessible through our application.

Remote Support

Business surveillance experts

Business surveillance experts

Business surveillance experts

Small business security experts

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